Sunday, February 28, 2010


So I have just finished my DFRWS paper submission - what a rush!!!

This year we decided to use google docs for collaborating between the authors. Google docs is a great collaborative tool because it allows everyone to edit the document at the same time. There is also a perfectly adequate but simple diagram drawing tool.

Unfortunately the formatting capabilities of google doc do not compare to latex (no word processor can really). What we wanted is a quick way to convert to latex for final proofing but for the document to be as intuitive as possible.

So I wipped together a quick script to convert the google doc into latex. Simple formatting available on google doc will be converted to some simple latex formatting but you can write any latex commands within the google doc for fine level control.

I thought this was such a useful thing that I quickly put it up on google code for others to share - no guarantee of how good this is.

Hopefully this can be refined further - but i think the idea is great. Edit a somewhat WYSIWYG collaborative document like google doc, and still produce publication quality product.

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